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Amber Kerly, SAC Chair 2016-2017


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 3:15 in the Media Center

Meeting Dates


Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

SAC Agenda 9-6-16

SAC Minutes 9-6-16
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SAC Agenda 10-4-16

 SAC Minutes 10-04-16
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SAC Agenda 11-1-16

 SAC Minutes 11-1-16
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SAC Agenda 12-6-16

 SAC Minutes 12-06-16
Tuesday, February  2017 SAC Agenda 02-07-17 SAC Minutes 02-07-17
Tuesday, March  2017   SAC Agenda 03-07-17  SAC Minutes 03-07-17
Tuesday, April  2017  SAC Agenda 04-04-17  SAC Minutes 04-04-17
Tuesday, May  2017 SAC Agenda 05-02-17   SAC Minutes 05-02-17

What is a School Advisory Council (SAC)?

  • Consist of teachers, students, parents and education support personnel (elected by their peers) and other citizens representative of the ethnic, racial and economic community served by school. (A list of members may be sent to the school board on an annual basis for approval )
  • Assists the principal in the school’s annual budget….”With technical assistance from the Department of Education, each school advisory council shall assist in the preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan as required by s. 1008.385(1). A portion of funds provided in the annual General Appropriations Act for use by school advisory councils must be used for implementing the school improvement plan.
  • Assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. (SIP). The plan is designed to achieve the state education goals and student performance standards. The plan must also address issues relative to budget, training, instructional materials, technology, staffing, student support services, and other matters of resource allocation as determined by school board policy.
  • Approves of the expenditure of school improvement funds. [see state statutes] ( lottery enhancement funds)
  • Performs functions as prescribed by regulations of the school board.
  • Advertises the final draft of the school improvement plan and conducts a public meeting for community suggestions for modifications and serves as an advocate in the community and the school for implementation and assists in public relations efforts related to the plan.
  • Supports school improvement implementation
  • Collects and analyzes information about the community and the school and receives public input regarding needs (Needs Assessment) of the school. SACs provides ongoing review of the progress being made toward implementation of the school improvement plan. SACs evaluates success by monitoring short-term and long-term outcomes.
  • Adhere to the “Sunshine Law” SAC members attend meetings SAC & the school’s staff jointly decided on how to spend A+ recognition money (“determined by the school’s staff and school advisory council…”) The whole point of school improvement is data-driven decision making. The process is SUPPOSED to be fairly simple and straight forward: The SAC reviews relevant data (which is much more than test scores), identifies problem areas, develops improvement strategies, monitors their implementation, and then starts the whole process over when the next round of data is available. IT IS NOT THAT COMPLICATED OR ADVERSARIAL!!