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Testing Schedule for 2019-2020

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all state assessments for 2019-2020 have been cancelled.  

Aug 12-Sep 30, 2019 FLKRS (STAR Early Literacy) KG
Jan 27-Mar 12, 2020 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 (WIDA) KG-12th All ELL coded LY
Mar 2-Apr 17, 2020 Florida Standard Alternate Assessment (FSAA) KG- 5th

ELA Reading/Writing/Math/Science

April 2, 2020 FSA Writes 4th & 5th (Make-ups thru Apr 15)
Apr 1 -2, 2019 FSA Reading 3rd
April 15, 2019 FSA Make-up window:

Writing 4th & 5th

Reading -3rd

May 4-15, 2020 FSA Reading 4th & 5th
May  4-15, 2020 FSA Math 3rd-5th
May 11-22, 2020 FSA Science 5th
May 4-15, 2020 FSA Makeup window:

Reading 4th-5th

Math 3rd-5th

Science 5th



On the testing days above, the Specials schedule for the grade levels may change. If you have a question about a date, please check with your child’s teacher.