Informative & Educational Websites

  • Parents are their child’s first teacher! As teachers we all enjoy learning ourselves, so here are a few websites for you, your student(s), and even some app suggestions you may find helpful:

Reading and Writing

  • “Learning to Read” in grades K-2 is not as simple as ABC, but certainly as fun. The key goals are learning vocabulary, letter and words sounds, fluency (reading at an enjoyable pace), and comprehension.


  • “Reading to Learn” is the goal in grades 3-5 and beyond. Strategies like rereading, highlighting, and taking notes help keep information stored in our memories rather than being memorized and forgotten. Check out these sites for strengthening these goals.


    • Students use their strengths as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners to understand number sense, geometry, algebra, and fractions. Use your child’s strengths to help them grow confident in their problem solving abilities.

  • Moby Max (Moby Math) now has math, grammar, and vocab activities: 

  • Sign in as Student and enter school code fl4120.

(Check with your child’s teacher for their username and password)


Parent Tips and Ideas

Brain Pop and (Brain Pop, Jr.) has a free story each week that students can listen to and take a quiz on:)

Fun apps for iPads, iPods, and iPhones:

  • also look for these apps on iTunes… Doodle Buddy, Fraction Basic, Tiny Fractions, iTooch Math, k-12 Bills & Coins, Pop Math Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, Grammer Jammers, k12 Timed Reading, Vocabulary HD, Sparkle Fish (it’s like Madlibs), Stack the States, Language Central Science, Project Noah, NASA, HSW (How Stuff Works)